Temperature impacting metabolic rate of lucilia sericata larvae biology essay

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The active lucilia sericata larvae of the same size were soaked in different temperature of water for about 30 seconds and the number of wriggles was counted in one minute period. From the data, Q10 was calculated and it represented the metabolic rate of an organism.

The active Lucilia sericata larvae of the same size were soaked in different temperature of H2O for about 30 seconds and the figure of wiggles was counted in one minute period. From the informations, Q10 was calculated and it represented the metabolic rate of an being. In the cool temperature of 16oC the first degree of larva stage lasts about 53 hours, the 2nd stage, 42 hours, and eventually the 3rd and the last stage will take 98 hours to.

If insularity is used, this will impact the rate of heat loss in the experiment. Rate Of Reaction Of Enzyme At Different Temperature Biology Essay ; Temperature Impacting Metabolic Rate Of Lucilia Sericata Larvae Biology Essay. Responding: Rate of movement of lucilia sericata larvae (metabolic rate) Rate of movement of lucilia sericata larvae represent metabolic rate of organism and can be calculated by number of wriggles in one minute after being soaked in different temperature of water bath.

Temperature impacting metabolic rate of lucilia sericata larvae biology essay
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