Lassa viruse fever analysis biology essay

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Lassa virus

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Common Endemic Of Lassa Feve Biology Essay

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Bibliography: Roberts, L. Nigeria hit by unprecedented Lassa fever outbreak. Essays & Papers Yellow Fever The American Plague Biology Essay - Paper Example Yellow Fever The American Plague Biology Essay Known by s of different names over spans of s of old ages, xanthous febrility was one time one of the most feared and annihilating diseases in the universe - Yellow Fever The American Plague Biology Essay.

Lassa virus fever is a disease that is very common and endemic in West Africa which according to the CDC infects , per. We therefore performed the Lassa virus antibody and antigen ELISAs on sera from a large number of patients suspected of having Lassa fever from West Africa.

As the “gold standard” test of Lassa virus infection, we used isolation of virus as detected by immunofluorescent staining for viral antigen along with a positive reverse transcription. There is an estimate oftocases of Lassa Fever annually, thousands fatal (Andrechek).

The mortality among hospital cases is 15%, but if untreated is 60%.

Yellow Fever The American Plague Biology Essay

The way the Virus is treated is with Ribavirin for ten days. The Threat Of The Human Hepatitis A Virus Biology Essay ; Yellow Fever The American Plague Biology Essay ; Lassa Viruse Fever Analysis Biology Essay ; Correlation Between Beta Thalessemia And Endemic Malaria Areas Biology Essay ; Biology Life Virus.

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Lassa viruse fever analysis biology essay
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