How to write am pm in spanish

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How to write Spanish postal addresses

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Saying the date in Spanish

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Sep 27,  · Have you ever come across telling the time this way: 2 o'clock pm? I know you say 2 pm, 2 o'clock in the afternoon ao fourteen hundred (hours), but how about the way I asked about? I am astonished to discover that anyone would see "two o'clock P.M." as wrong.

2 o'clock pm ?

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Spanish numbers are based on Arabic numerals (), just as in English. Therefore, although they have some “peculiarities”, like gender and apocopation, they are relatively easy to learn. The Arabic numerical system, incidentally, was introduced to Europe by Spanish and Portuguese Jesuits.

An interactive math lesson about converting military time format to standard time format. How to Show AM / PM Symbols in System Tray Clock in Windows 7 and Later. Windows 7 and later don't show AM/PM symbols in system tray clock. Also Windows shows the. AM & PM are also used as is in Spanish, but often "de la mañana" is used to indicate A.M.

and "de la tarde" and "de la noche" are used for PM.

How to write am pm in spanish
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